We offer a host of services including:» Complete Data Centre Cabling
» Server Rack networking
» Wall Mount Cabinets
» Cable patching and patch panel installations
» Diagnosing Data Cable faults
» Urgent call out data cable technicians
» Shielded Systems
» Fibre Optic Cabling
Category 5 cable and Category 6 cable, Both types of cabling above can be run in the Home, Office or Industrial sites and provide high speed sustained and secure networking.
Central Monitoring System (CMS) for Poker Machines
At Next Electrical Services, we can provide the cabling requirements for Poker Machine monitoring as required by NSW state law. The Centralised Monitoring System (CMS) in NSW commenced operation for assessment purposes on 1 December 2001 and today is a standard requirement for many sites wishing to house poker and gaming machines.
All gaming machines are required to be electronically connected to the CMS. To enable this to occur each gaming machine has a Gaming Machine Interface Card (GMIC) installed, which in turn, is connected to a Local Area Network that is connected to a CMS site controller. This is a computer that is located in the cabinet or the CMS rack in each venue.
CMS is a requirement for New South Wales venues in order to:» calculate gaming machine tax
»collect meter reading information from gaming machinesNext Electrical Services can provide cabling requirements for all of the above and more

Contact us to discuss your specific electrical requirements.

In today’s modern world you need a electrical company that can not only install a power point, but that can also wire your entire home or office ready for the 21st century. Next Electrical Services are AUSTEL approved and certified to carry out data and communication work ensuring that your site is serviced by fully qualified technicians and conforms to the highest quality of standard.
Home, Commercial and Industrial Computer Networking
Home - When it comes to home networking getting your Smart TV or Xbox on the internet is as easy as Next Electrical Services.
Commercial - Whether you are in an office of 1 or 1000, Next Electrical can provide data connection solutions to handle your business needs.Industrial – Shielded data cabling is a must in some industrial workplaces as heavy equipment can often interfere with the information flowing around your site. Next Electrical can provide you with a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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